Jeffery S. Poss, Architect
Jeffery S. Poss, Architect


Polygon Sculpture Studio

Hague, New York

  • Merit Award for Architectural Design, AIA Central Illinois Chapter, 2014 

Folding Farm II

Sustainable Student Farm, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • 2013 Green Dot Awards - First Prize in 'Services: Personal Transportation'
  • Honorable Mention, PopUp Project Design Competition, 2014 AIA National Convention, Chicago

Wash/Pack Pavilion

Sustainable Student Farm, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Honor Award for Sustainable Design,  AIA Central Illinois Chapter, 2012

Meditation Hut III “Victor”

Champaign, Illinois

  • Design Award, American Institute of Architects (AIA) Central Illinois Chapter, 2010
  • Design Award, AIA Small Projects Competition, 2011
  • Presentation, AIA National Convention, New Orleans, LA., 2011
  • Publication, Casa & Mas, Mexico City, Enero 2012
  • Publication, At Home in Central Illinois, The News-Gazette, Champaign, April/May/June, 2012
  • Mies van der Rohe Award - Special Recognition, AIA Illinois Design Awards, 2014
  • Publication, Out of Scale - AIA Small Project Awards, 2015

“Zag” Podium

  • Platinum Award, ADEX, 2009
  • Publication, Design Journal, Santa Monica, CA, Fall 2009

Meditation Hut II “Le Cadeau”

Champaign, Illinois

  • Honors Award, AIA Central Illinois Chapter, 2006
  • Design Award, AIA Small Projects Competition, 2007
  • Publication, Small Project Practitioners Journal No. 41, 2007

  • Presentation, AIA National Convention, San Antonio, TX, 2007
  • First Place Award, AT HOME St. Louis, 2008
  • Publication, Washington Post, 6/23/2011

  • Publication, Out of Scale - AIA Small Projects Awards, 2015

Peoria County WWI & II Veterans Memorial

Peoria, Illinois

  • Presentation, International Making Cities Livable Conference, London, 2004

  • Honorable Mention, AIA Central Illinois Chapter, 2008

WWII Illinois Veterans Memorial

Springfield, Illinois

  • Design award, AIA Central Illinois Chapter, 2006

  • Silver Medal, Association of Licensed Architects, 2007

  • Publication, The Chicago Tribune (AP), 8/11/03, 6/1/04, 12/6/04, 1/11/07

  • Publication, Springfield’s Sculptures, Monuments, and Plaques, Arcadia Publishing, Chicago, 2008

Saluda Shoals Amphitheater

Saluda Shoals, South Carolina

  • Award of Merit, National Design Competition, 2001.  Collaboration with Kenneth McCown.

Meditation Hut I

Urbana, Illinois

  • Exhibition, I Space Gallery, Chicago, January 1999

  • Exhibition, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Conference, Fargo, ND, 1999

  • Honor Award, AIA Central Illinois Chapter, 2000

  • Publication, Wallpaper* Magazine, London, October 2007

A House for Robeson Meadows

Champaign, Illinois

  • Merit Award, AIA Central Illinois Chapter, 1997.
  • Exhibition, Public Forum on Unbuilt Architecture and the Future of Design, Boston Society of Architects, 1998.

Maryland WWII Memorial Competition

Annapolis, Maryland

  • Second Place Award, National Design Competition, 1996
  • Exhibition, I-Space Gallery, Chicago, 1996
  • Publication, Competitions Magazine, Louisville, KY, Winter 1996/97
  • Publication, The Chicago Architectural Journal 10, 2002

The Champaign Park District Tribute to Olympic Athletes

Champaign, Illinois

  • First Place Award,  Olympic Tribute National Design Competition, 1989

  • Winner, American Society of Architectural Perspectivists, 1990

  • National Design Award, Concrete Steel Reinforcing Institute, 1991

  • Honor Award, AIA Central Illinois Chapter, 1992

  • Publication, Architecture in Perspective.  Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1992

  • Publication, Inland Architect, September-October, 1992, Chicago, IL


Jeffery S. Poss, Architect

Jeffery S. Poss, FAIA, Principal


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