[Robinson] Knight Residence Renovation featured in Crains Chicago Business: Eccentric 1970s house designed by longtime U of I professor sold, August 16, 202


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Polygon Studio "Victor" featured in METROPOLIS Gabled Roofs Experience a Revival Across North America, June 8, 2021 


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Meditation Hut "Victor" featured in News Gazette 02.15.20 article Intriguing structure


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Significant Structures | Urbana house's new owner, architect take designer's modernism to new heights


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Victor meditation hut featured on
Meditation Hut III “Victor” is featured in the article “Six Tiny Outdoor Pavilions Inspired by Japanese Tearooms."







Mid-Continental Modernism: Generational Continuity.


Reception: Friday, October 27, 5:00 p.m.
Drawing workshop: Saturday, October 2

Location: Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, Blicharski Atrium and TBH Gallery, 611 East Lorado Taft Drive, Champaign, Illinois


This exhibition will feature four historic exhibits showing the work of former University of Illinois School of Architecture professors, curated by their students and colleagues.







Knight Residence receives 2017 Heritage Award from the Preservation and Conservation Association (PACA) of Champaign County


Poss was the Architectural Consultant for the restoration and improvement of the residence at 609 West Delaware, Urbana, a 1979 modernist structure designed by Professor Jack Sherman Baker, FAIA.


The house has been empty for several years before current owner Chris Knight purchased the house in 2015.  Extensive repairs were needed inside and outside.  In addition, the owner wanted to improve on several budget-compromised details of the original project, as well as introduce innovative new details.


Project Team: Chris Knight (owner), Mike Hoch (project manager), Doug Taylor (general contractor), Jeffery Poss (architect), Photo: Chris Knight

"Spaces of Serenity" is Obsession #18 for 2016


Every so often, during the occasional odd moment when productivity is sacrificed for a few moments of cinematic pleasure, I’ll happen across a program promoting the vestiges of tiny home living.  It is during that moment, if ever so fleeting, that I wonder “what if?”


What if I were to leave it all behind?


And with the opening of a closet door or a glance in the direction of shelf after book-stacked shelf, I am hurled back to reality.  I’ve never been one to hold on to every little thing for the sake of sentimentality.  

On the other hand, I’ve never packed a few belongings into a backpack, wandering the crests and valleys of faraway lands. I, like most people, just need a little room to breathe.


And maybe that’s just it.  Maybe one really needs just a place to exhale. A few feet to call one’s own. To be one’s self.  To reflect.  But mainly, to just breathe.


Highlighted in an equally small-scale volume are six freestanding structures, the skillful works of architect Jeffrey S. Poss, FAIA. Constructed from a multitude of materials – galvanized steel, red cedar, concrete block – each of the compact abodes exist to serve one singular purpose.  


For these architectural marvels, these Spaces of Serenity, their purpose and reason for being is quite simply to share with their lucky owners a few un-complicated cubic feet in which to accomplish the one task we find so hard to do.


Although it is the real world that dictates my need for closet space, it is through the vibrant images and simple illustrations of Poss’ pictorial that I may live vicariously


--Image and Text by Branden A. Smith



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Olympic Tribute 25th Anniversary Ceremony

Saturday October 1, 2016


The Olympic Tribute, first dedicated in 1991 and designed by Professor Jeffery Poss, FAIA, was recognized in a 25th Anniversary ceremony on Saturday October 1, 2016. 


For the event, the Tribute has been re-landscaped with native species of Prairie Dropseed, Butterfly Weed, and Lady’s Mantle.  It also has a new mow strip to help define the edges of the geometric monument.  Most importantly, the ceremonial granite platform will be adorned with the names of local athletes who have recently participated in the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics in Rio.


Link to News-Gazette article about the dedication


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Take a drone video tour of the Tribute to Olympic Athletes in Dodds Park

"Le Cadeau" and "Victor" Meditation Huts featured in Out of Scale: AIA Small Project Awards 2005-2014


Link to the publisher, ORO Editions

Polygon Sculpture Studio Receives 2014 Merit Award for Architectural Design from the American Institute of Architects Central Illinois Chapter

Designed by Jeffery S. Poss, FAIA + Workus Studio LLC 

Folding Farm II Wins Two National Awards in 2014

Designed by Jeffery S. Poss, FAIA and the small studio, Illinois School of Architecture, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Charles Huss, David Emmons, Jordan Buckner, Design Associates.


2014 Pop Up Project Design Competition - Honorable Mention

Folding Farm II (FFII) is a “green” produce transport vehicle and a deployable farm stand. It represents the modification of Folding Farm I (FFI), a working prototype conceived in 2012 as a bicycle-powered delivery system and market display for produce grown on the Sustainable Student Farm at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The next generation FFII, currently in development, decreases the weight and cost of the first prototype. Folding Farm II is constructed from steel and aluminum sections. It incorporates standard plastic farm-grade vegetable bins, which means that the produce can be cleaned and immediately packaged on the farm, eliminating handling at the market. Beginning at the farm, the bins are set flat in FFII’s metal frame for transport. The bins are then filled with cleaned produce. The FFII’s canvas canopy is collapsed to cover and protect the produce during transport. At the market, the bicycle is disconnected and the bracing bar is swung down to stabilize the cart – no additional anchoring is required due to careful calibration of the weight distribution. Then the canopy is deployed and the produce bins are tilted for display. Ratcheted bracing bars lock the canopy and produce bins into position. Thus Folding Farm II is a farm utility vehicle that delivers and displays produce for local marketplaces. These added values supersede its additional cost. In addition, it becomes a demonstrable design idea that serves as an emblem for the environmental transformation of the local community.

Jury Comments: Very cool looking and a truly local producer. Could be a mobile suite for a larger farmer. Sellable and familiar, but for a boutique seller. Beautiful story or hyper local vendor.


2013 Green Dot Awards - First Prize in 'Services: Personal Transportation'

The Green Dot Awards™ strive to reward and promote forward-thinking businesses that create environmentally friendly products or services, and to reward revolutionary green proposals. The jury selected winners from thousands of entries from over 25 countries. 

​​Significant Structures | Urbana house's new owner, architect take designer's modernism to new heights

​​"Victor" Meditation Hut featured in calm down. recreational architecture

​​"Victor" Meditation Hut featured in Modern Butterfly Roofs on

Spaces of Serenity featured at AIA'19. 

From Olympians to Blind Pigs, lecture at Vallès School of Architecture, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain, September 25, 2018


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